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Gloucestershire County Council

Gloucestershire County Council Shire Hall
Gloucestershire County Council Shire Hall

Over the past decade, Gloucestershire County Council has been on an important journey. We have been successful in managing our finances well so that we can invest in the areas that really matter. We have made improvements to the way we work and to the services we provide. We have tackled the issues we face today and are developing plans and solutions for the future.
Our plan sets out the county council’s approach to tackling the many and varied future challenges that our county faces. Some issues are short-term whereas others will set a path for the next generation. The plan will outline our priorities for addressing the challenges and opportunities we face:

  • Protecting the most vulnerable people in our county
  • Building sustainable communities
  • Investing in vital services and infrastructure
  • Growing our economy
  • Creating a council fit for the future
Chief Executive - Peter Bungard
Chief Executive – Peter Bungard

It also sets out the vision and values that will guide our thinking, our priorities for addressing the challenges and opportunities we face, and how we will demonstrate progress. These values have recently been reviewed and re-launched as:

  • Accountability – we do what we will say
  • Integrity – we are honest, fair and speak up
  • Empowerment – we enable communities and colleagues to be the best they can
  • Respect – we value and listen to each other
  • Excellence – we continually improve through listening, learning and evaluation

These new values will set out the way we carry out our work and define our culture so it’s important you take time to consider each of the values and what they mean to you.