Fire and Rescue Books

Our portfolio of fire and rescue books aims to raise standards, promote best practice and support continuing professional development throughout the fire and rescue sector.

The Grenfell Tower Fire: Benign neglect and the road to an avoidable tragedy

by Tony Prosser and Mark Taylor

An in-depth review of the world of fire over the last half-century and how the tragedy of Grenfell Tower has its roots in decisions made in the 1980s.

Fire and Rescue Incident Command

by Tony Prosser and Mark Taylor

A comprehensive guide to incident ground operations, from small house fires and road traffic accidents, to widespread wildfires, high-rise operations and major transport disasters.

Compartment Firefighting Series

by Benjamin Walker and Shan Raffel

A 3-part series providing those on the frontline with the knowledge and skills to respond to incidents safely and effectively.

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